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North Alabama is full of adventure! If you love food, we've got it. If you love festivals, we've got them. If you love the outdoors, we've got plenty of places to explore. Whatever you love, we're sure to have something for you. Check out our blog posts, and you'll see what we mean.

Posts from May 2021

What better way to beat the heat than taking a dip in a cool pool or rushing down a slippery water slide? Here's a list of some of the best places in north Alabama to swim, but make sure to lather up with sunscreen first! Most pools and water parks open Memorial Day weekend.

DeSoto State Park's Swimming Pool

Go for a swim at DeSoto State Park’s swimming pool. (photo credit: DeSoto State Park)

DeSoto State Park pool

The Power of History & Science: The saying goes, "If we don't learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it." North Alabama is home to many museums that honor the history of the people and the area, and there are several museums that teach us about animals and the world around us...including space!

Alabama Veterans Museum

The Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives, located in the 100 year old

The Power of Music: We all know how powerful music can be. Just one song can transport us back to a time where we have so many memories! North Alabama - specifically the Shoals area - is home to three world-famous recording studios where many legendary artists recorded chart-topping hits.

Alabama Music Hall of Fame

The outstanding achievements and the music of Alabamians are presented in this

The Power of Makers: The ability to create is a powerful thing. Whether it's creating pottery, blown glass, or creating wine and craft beer, the art of making something beautiful and useful is what several small businesses in north Alabama know a lot about.

1818 Farms

Named for the year Mooresville was incorporated, 1818 Farms is home to many happy animals, with whom you can interact upon your

The Power of Water: North Alabama is home to the Tennessee River and because of this amazing river, there are eight beautiful lakes all across the region that are perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. The mighty Tennessee River is also the reason for so many breathtaking waterfalls that are scattered across the 16-county region.

North Alabama Waterfall Trail

Thanks to the flowing

The Power of Adventure: Being adventurous makes life more exciting! Whether it's zip lining through a state park, kayaking down a blueway, or shooting down a waterslide, adventure is a good way to boost your overall wellbeing and give you a great story to tell. Check out these fun ways to add a little adventure to your life in north Alabama:

desoto state park kayak melea and carley


Kayaking is a fun way to be in nature and get

The Power of the Outdoors: Nature is a powerful force that rejuvenates us when we connect with the outdoors in meaningful ways. The birds singing, the sweet smells of blooming flowers, the rushing of a waterfall, the trickling of a stream through the forest, and seeing wildlife excite our senses and refresh our body, mind, and soul. North Alabama has a plethora of opportunities to explore the