The most popular habitats for bird-watching are woodlands, the sides of lakes and rivers, fields and open areas, and marshes and swamps.  North Alabama has an abundance of these varied habitats.  Some sites offer the chance to see a large number of birds, while others may attract many different species.

As the habitats vary through the valley, so do the seasons. Spring is heralded by the return of neotropical songbirds that utilize the forested hilltops as rest stops on their journey northward. Summer is filled with breeding woodland species such as flashy Pileated and Red-headed woodpeckers, boisterous Great-crested Flycatchers and Carolina Wrens, and skulking Kentucky and Swainson’s warblers. In the fall months, migrant waterfowl, Sandhill Cranes, and a variety of raptors return to spend the winter in the valley or at least pass through on their way farther south. Once winter’s chill is in the air, large roosts of Bald Eagles form and can be found with abundant waterfowl and gulls.

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