Scenic North Alabama Motorcycle Route-Bankhead National Forest

Visitors are treated to a nice twisty road through the heart of Alabama's largest national forest. Bankhead National Forest offers 180,000 acres with an abundance of bluffs, canyons, waterfalls, springs, and lakes. Four recreation areas are located throughout the forest offering endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Bankhead National Forest and Sipsey Wilderness

1. William B. Bankhead National Forest

One of Alabama’s four National Forests, covering 181,230 acres. It is home to Alabama’s only National Wild and Scenic River, the Sipsey Fork. Recreational Areas and offers so many trails you could spend weeks here. There are six recreation areas scattered about the Bankhead National Forest, each offering a unique experience of its own. Facilities for camping, picnicking, fishing, hiking, and swimming are abundant. All facilities are designed with forest users in mind and provide varying challenges for everyone from the novice to the expert. Forest users will find that each area has its own personality and with the changing seasons, even that personality will change.Sipsey is the largest national forest wilderness area east of the Mississippi. The Sipsey Fork river offers a peaceful float trip combined with the beautiful scenery and great camping that distinguishes the Bankhead from other National Forests. While canoeing the Sipsey Fork you will pass magnificent walls of rock which has been carved for thousands of years by the erosive power of water. As the Sipsey Fork begins to merge with Smith Lake the creek becomes non-turbulent and wide. This area must be paddled but offers a slow-pace if interested in fishing or just a slow-paced family trip.

Houston Historic Jail

  • Location: 4786 Co. Rd. 63 Houston, AL 35572
  • Phone: (205) 489-3669
2. Houston Historic Jail

Jesse Owens Museum

3. Jesse Owens Museum

A 20-acre park, near Jesse Owens’ birthplace, honors the track great who captured four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The park both educates and entertains with a museum, broad jump pit, life-size bronze statue, 1936 torch replica, Olympic Gold Medal Tree, home replica, playground, ball fields, picnic pavilions, gift shop, and visitor’s center. Alabama Mountain.

Oakville Indian Mounds Education Center

4. Oakville Indian Mounds Education Center

Features the largest 2,000-year-old Woodland Indian Mound in Alabama, early settler cemetery, Black Warriors Path, 8,000 sq. ft. 122-acre park with 20-acre fishing pond, and walking paths.

Cullman County Museum

5. Cullman County Museum

Ave Maria Grotto

6. Ave Maria Grotto

7. German Axe Throwing

Cullman’s own axe throwing experience! Open: Th-Sa Sundays

Goat Island Craft Brewing

8. Goat Island Brewing

Founders Mike Mullaney and Gery Teichmiller met during the 2012 Cullman Oktoberfest. The legend-we-just-made-up has it their eyes locked as they accidentally clinked steins in a fateful cheers, binding them as business partners from that day forward. Embracing their destiny, they joined forces with John Dean and Brad Glenn to start Goat Island Brewing, the first brewery in Cullen since the 80s — that’s the umm 1880s.

Evelyn Burrow Museum of Wallace State College

9. Evelyn Burrow Museum

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