North Alabama Geocaching

Using the ever-increasingly popular technology of GPS mapping systems, Geocaching connects individuals from around the world in a modern day treasure hunt. The sport of Geocaching, much like a traditional scavenger hunt, allows players to create caches around the world and share their location coordinates for others to find using their GPS units. Caches, including numerous ones located throughout North Alabama are listed on websites such as Caches contain at least a logbook to track the cache’s visitors, and may contain other objects such as maps, books, software, or even money. Not all caches contain treasures.

The rules of Geocaching are simple.

  •     If the cache contains a treasure, you may take it.
  •     If you take a treasure, you must replace it with something of equal or greater value.
  •     Be sure to write about it in the logbook.
  •     Return the cache to the EXACT location you found it.


“A Dash of the Unexpected” Geo Tour lets you explore North Alabama’s rich history, music, civil war sites, small town charm and great geocaching. Join us for an adventure that makes North Alabama special, and a perfect opportunity to experience “A Dash of the Unexpected”. To participate, download a copy of “A Dash of the Unexpected” Geocaching passport!


To participate, download a copy of the North Alabama 200 Bientennial Passport. Next, visit and create a free account to get the coordinates for the twenty geocaching sites included in the Passport. Download the North Alabama Geocaching Passport

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