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The North Alabama Hallelujah Trail features 32 churches that are at least 100 years old, stand on their original sites, still hold services, and are accessible to the public.

These structures paint an immaculate portrait of North Alabama’s history and combine to tell the remarkable story of early Alabamians' spiritual journey. The Hallelujah Trail winds through 16 counties and the churches were selected during an intensive two-year research process.

While some churches were designed by experienced architects, many are simple expressions showcasing the blood, sweat, and tears of early church members who simply felt the calling. Many church interiors feature what seem to be inelegant designs, but the gentle grace and perfect balance of the construction is what really stands out.

Several white painted timber-framed churches are nestled in quiet surroundings, standing as testimonies to those who wished to create a place of silence, prayer, and spiritual joy. Others can be found in serene locations, open on three sides, married to the woodlands with only a single room. Like the forest, each church has its atmosphere, fragrance, light, and shadow. Sturdy benches and a simple wooden pulpit are the sole furnishings in some.

The stained glass windows are perhaps the most breathtaking feature of many churches on the trail. The glimmering sunlight warms and fills the sanctuaries with colorful prisms of nature’s power. The beautiful gothic, cathedral-like structures are truly great wonders of art. In addition, the tall elegant steeples rise into the heavens, touching the sky and providing a direct connection for the church denizens down below.

Some churches can be described as grand gothic edifices while others are simple clapboard buildings. No matter, the passion of the churches’ parishioners pulsates through the walls. Whatever your beliefs, these houses of worship cause us to pause, reflect, and recount the most important events in our lives: birth, marriage, death, and the mysteries that await.

Experience the Hallelujah Trail today.

The Hallelujah Trail was made possible by grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel, and the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association.

Blountsville United Methodist Church

  • Location: 415 College Street Blountsville, AL 35031
  • Phone: (205) 429-2468
1. Blountsville United Methodist Church

Brilliant Methodist Church

  • Location: 825 Main Street Brilliant, AL 35548
  • Phone: (205) 465-2281
2. Brilliant Methodist Church

Cambridge United Methodist Church

  • Location: 13980 Cambridge Lane Athens, AL 35613
  • Phone: (256) 233-2862
3. Cambridge United Methodist Church

Church of the Forest

  • Location: 51 County Road 94 Houston, AL 35572
  • Phone: (205) 269-2897
4. Church of the Forest

Corinth Church

  • Location: 2540 County Road 57 Double Springs, AL 35553
  • Phone: (205) 489-2328
5. Corinth Church

Courtland Presbyterian Church

  • Location: 645 Hamilton Courtland, AL 35618
  • Phone: (256) 247-5994
6. Courtland Presbyterian Church

Episcopal Church of the Nativity

  • Location: 208 Eustis Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Phone: (256) 533-2455
7. Episcopal Church of the Nativity

First Methodist Church of Guntersville

  • Location: 539 Gunter Avenue Guntersville, AL 35976
  • Phone: (256) 582-2001
8. First Methodist Church of Guntersville

First Presbyterian Church of Athens

  • Location: 112 South Jefferson Street Athens, AL 35611
  • Phone: (256) 232-0122
9. First Presbyterian Church of Athens

First Presbyterian Church of Fort Payne

  • Location: 300 Grand Avenue North Fort Payne, AL 35967
  • Phone: (256) 845-2915
10. First Presbyterian Church of Fort Payne

First Presbyterian Church of Guntersville

  • Location: 901 Gunter Avenue Guntersville, AL 35976
  • Phone: (256) 582-3875
11. First Presbyterian Church of Guntersville

First Presbyterian Church of Tuscumbia

  • Location: 103 N. Broad Street Tuscumbia, AL 35674
  • Phone: (256) 383-2412
12. First Presbyterian Church of Tuscumbia

First United Methodist Church of Attalla

  • Location: 601 NW 4th Street Attalla, AL 35954
  • Phone: (256) 538-8491
13. First United Methodist Church of Attalla

First United Methodist Church of Red Bay

  • Location: 509 4th Street SW Red Bay, AL 35582
  • Phone: (256) 356-4654
14. First United Methodist Church of Red Bay

Hamilton Methodist Church

  • Location: 130 Military St N. Hamilton, AL 35570
  • Phone: (205) 921-3243
15. Hamilton Methodist Church

Helton Memorial Chapel

  • Location: 94 County Road 454 Stevenson, AL 35772
  • Phone: (256) 437-9474
16. Helton Memorial Chapel

Keener United Methodist Church

  • Location: 6025 US Highway 11 N Attalla, AL 35954
  • Phone: (256) 538-3315
17. Keener United Methodist Church

Lebanon Campground Methodist Church

  • Location: County Road 322 Spring Garden, AL 36275
  • Phone: (256) 475-5600
18. Lebanon Campground Methodist Church

Mentone United Methodist Church

  • Location: 415 Cutler Avenue Mentone, AL 35984
  • Phone: (256) 899-3287
19. Mentone United Methodist Church

Mount Pleasant Methodist Church

  • Location: Highway 724 & CR 87 Russellville, AL 35654
  • Phone: (256) 332-1760
20. Mount Pleasant Methodist Church

Pine Torch Church

  • Location: 1955 County Road 70 Moulton, AL 35650
  • Phone: (256) 974-1658
21. Pine Torch Church

Round Mountain

  • Location: 241 County Road 600 Cedar Bluff, AL 35959
  • Phone: (256) 927-8455
22. Round Mountain Baptist Church

Shady Grove Methodist Church

  • Location: 895 County Road 846 Logan, AL 35098
  • Phone: (256) 747-6569
23. Shady Grove Methodist Church

Shiloh Methodist Church

  • Location: 134 Boat Landing Allgood, AL 35013
  • Phone: (205) 237-4441
24. Shiloh Methodist Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church of Tuscumbia

  • Location: 300 N. Dickson Street Tuscumbia, AL 35674
  • Phone: (256) 383-4401
25. St. John's Episcopal Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church

  • Location: 202 Gordon Drive SE Decatur, AL 35601
  • Phone: (256) 353-9615
26. St. John's Episcopal Church of Tuscumbia

St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church

27. St. John's Evangelical Protestant Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church

  • Location: 1111 East College Street Florence, AL 35630
  • Phone: (256) 764-3303
28. St. Joseph Catholic Church

Temple B’nai Sholom

  • Location: 103 Lincoln Street SE Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Phone: (256) 536-4771
29. Temple B'Nai Shalom

The Tabernacle

  • Location: 35 Tabernacle Road Hartselle, AL 35640
  • Phone: (205) 310-8067
30. The Tabernacle of Hartselle

Trinity Episcopal Church

  • Location: 410 North Pine Street Florence, AL 35630
  • Phone: (256) 764-6149
31. Trinity Episcopal Church

Woodville Methodist Chapel

  • Location: 106 Pear Street Woodville, AL 35776
  • Phone: (256) 776-2860
32. Woodville Methodist Chapel

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