What is a North Alabama Ambassador?

A North Alabama Ambassador is someone who represents our region well through their photos, videos, and blogs on social media. It's someone who explores, seeks adventure, captures the beauty of north Alabama, and shares it with the rest of us. It's someone who ultimately makes us want to go out and explore for ourselves.

We’re looking for a team of 20 people from all over north Alabama to be our North Alabama Ambassadors. We want to feature your amazing talent, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. As a North Alabama Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • North Alabama swag (t-shirt, cap, etc.)
  • Featured on our website landing page for North Alabama Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms (we’ll tag you on social to introduce you to our followers)
  • Featured on our blog (we’ll share your blog posts if you’re a blogger)
  • You’ll also be able to use the title North Alabama Ambassador on your social accounts and website

Our goal for the North Alabama Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the north Alabama region and are posting their adventures on social media or on a blog. We want to highlight your amazing talent to further promote our 16-county region.


What you’ll be required to do as a North Alabama Ambassador:

  • Fill out the application
  • Live in or near the 16 counties of the north Alabama region (List of counties)
  • Follow us on all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok)
  • Subscribe to our Unexpected Adventures in North Alabama podcast
  • Use the #visitnorthal hashtag on your north Alabama pics
  • Tag us in your north Alabama pics
  • Write blog posts (1-2 posts if you feel comfortable writing)
  • Create content to use on all platforms
  • Need to post regularly about north Alabama (7-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Share our content (at least 2 per week)
  • Share Leave No Trace principles on outdoor posts
  • Help promote our trails
  • Be a guest on a podcast episode
  • Be willing to do some contests on your social media
  • Be willing to take on assignments/covering certain festivals, attractions, restaurants, etc.
  • Assist in getting members for Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association
  • Don’t use profanity, vulgar language, nudity (or partial nudity) in north Alabama pics we are tagged in or that uses the #visitnorthal hashtag
  • List that you're a North Alabama Ambassador in your Instagram profile and tag us
  • Wear your swag when possible

If you’re interested and think you'll have time to dedicate to this program, here’s the next step:

Fill out our North Alabama Ambassador application and tell us why you would like to represent north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. This isn’t English class, so it doesn’t need to be a super long essay. Just tell us why this program interests you in several, thoughtful sentences. We’re not making decisions based on how many followers you have but rather how passionate you are about north Alabama and how well you are already representing our beautiful region.

DEADLINE: January 5, 2024


North Alabama Ambassador Application

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Juergen Beck

Instagram @freedomlightproductions

Facebook Freedom Light Productions

A number of creative endeavors--beginning in Germany and crossing the Atlantic Ocean into the United States--have provided me with extensive knowledge and a vast array of experiences to design and develop video and photography of the highest quality.

I thrive in an environment that allows me to freely put my imagination and artistic ability to work. I know how to take a vision and turn it into video reality. While covering news and sports, I cultivated my communication skills as I dealt with people from all walks of life. I have learned the importance of flexibility while shooting video & taking photos in a variety of situations. I've also learned the importance of accuracy and attention to detail, and how to be creative on a tight schedule.

In 2003, I was sworn in as an American citizen and soon thereafter launched Freedom Light Productions. The name “Freedom Light” is a reflection of my appreciation for this country’s freedoms and the opportunities they afford.

juergen beck ambassador 2024

Lesia Bevis

Instagram @lesia.bevis

I love exploring and hiking all over North Alabama. One of my favorite things is chasing waterfalls, but I also enjoy anytime spent outdoors soaking up nature. I have found that to be the best stress relief there is, just leave your worries behind for a while and get out on a trail. I take lots of pictures on all my adventures and share them on my Instagram page so others can see the beauty this state has to offer. It is true what they say, Alabama really is beautiful. Come follow along with me, you never know where I will end up next, or what kinds of hidden treasures I will come across in the woods. Everyone should take time for an adventure in North Alabama, there is so much to see and do.

lesia bevis ambassador 2024

Erin Burke

Website https://flyingoffthebookshelf.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/flyingoffthebookshelf/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/flyingoffthebookshelf

Hi! I'm Erin Burke, a travel blogger based in Madison, Alabama. I was born and raised in Huntsville, and love exploring and sharing about all there is to do in North Alabama! My travel blog, Flying Off the Bookshelf (which I like to call a travel blog for bookworms) highlights destinations all over the world, but some of my favorite places to write and share about are the hidden gems that make North Alabama so special.

erin burke ambassador 2024

Sam Calhoun

Website:  http://www.weathermansam.com/ 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/
Instagram & Twitter/X:  @weatherman_sam
Youtube:  weathermansam
Youtube:  greenhatgardening
Wordpress Blog:  https://weathermansam.wordpress.com/

Hey folks, I'm the Man in the Big Green Hat!  I'm an avid hiker, writer, and photographer living with my wife Robin in Elkmont, AL.  Born and raised in Gadsden, AL, I've spent almost my entire life here in the Tennessee Valley.  I've called the Huntsville area home for a little over 15 years now, and still haven't seen all of what it has to offer.  Exploring informs and inspires my writing, and I've authored several volumes of poetry.  You may have heard my work on WLRH's Sundial Writer's Corner!  When I'm not in the woods searching for waterfalls, you can find me in my backyard garden, or equally at home at a local eatery.  Finding hidden gems to me equally applies to restaurants as it does to hiking spots for me!  What spot has the best view?  Where's the best local food in town?  Let's go find out.  

Sam Calhoun Ambassador

Justin Carter

Instagram @hightideaerials

Facebook facebook.com/HighTideAerials

YouTube youtube.com/@hightideaerials9339

Website www.HighTideAerials.com

When you grow up somewhere, sometimes you take it for granted. I knew Alabama was beautiful, but until recently I did not realize just how MANY beautiful locations there are just down the road in Northeast Alabama. I picked up photography about 5 years ago. Since then I have been taking photos and video non stop of all the amazing landscapes Alabama has to offer. Join me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @HighTideAerials. 

justin carter - ambassador 2023

Jennifer Clark

Instagram @wherewillwegonext

Facebook www.facebook.com/wherewillwegonext

TikTok https://www.tiktok.com › @wherew...wherewillwegonext

Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer Clark. Along with my husband, Kyler, my two daughters, and our very spoiled beagle, I love spending time camping and exploring new places. My favorites are small towns, campfires, coffee shops, festivals, and Alabama State Parks. I love sharing my adventures and I hope to inspire you to get out and explore too. Follow along to see Where Will We Go Next.  

jennifer clark ambassador 2024

Coleman Concierge: Jenn & Ed Coleman

Website colemanconcierge.com
Instagram instagram.com/coleman_concierge

Instagram instagram.com/conciergecorner

Facebook facebook.com/colemanconcierge
Twitter twitter.com/ColemanConcierg

Pinterest pinterest.com/colemanconcierg

Jenn Coleman and Ed Coleman are the creative force behind the website Coleman Concierge. Jenn is both a nationally syndicated travel writer and an award-winning landscape photographer. 

Ed is also a nationally syndicated travel writer who has garnered numerous awards for his writing, with his work featured in Business Insider, HuffPost UK, and numerous state tourism boards. 

Jenn and Ed deeply believe in the transformational power of travel, and their website, Coleman Concierge, encourages everyone to step outside their comfort zone and seek adventure, even if it’s in their own backyard. You can follow Jenn and Ed on InstagramInstagramFacebookTikTok, and Twitter (X).

coleman concierge

Matthew Crowell





I love photography and the emotions it releases. Beauty captured through the lens. Extreme beauty lies amidst these trying times, wrapping our hearts with joy and reminding us that love and hope never die.  My part is to capture that beauty with a lens.

matthew crowell ambassador 2024

Chasa Fulkerson

Instagram @Chasafulkerson

Tiktok @chasaf

Youtube @chasafulkerson

I did not always love the outdoors. It started in my late 20's with small walks, adding in some birding, then reptiles, and bugs! We have always been taught in the south to be afraid of snakes. So running from snakes has turned into running towards them. I love a good waterfall but the reptiles, amphibians, and bugs are what keep getting me outside. 

I consider myself an amateur naturalist. I want to show off as much of Alabama as possible. I want people to see the best parts of the state. It is a great place for the outdoors, and I always find something new and I hope to share that with others as well. 

chasa fulkerson ambassador 2024

Christal & Cash Gamble

Instagram www.instagram.com/mamasweetbaby

Blog mamasweetbaby.wordpress.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/mamasweetbabyblog/

YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCakllnN7wjesn2uoxBoQYpQ

TikTok www.tiktok.com/@mamasweetbaby1

Twitter twitter.com/Mamasweetbaby1

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/mamasweetbaby/

Christal and her 6 year old son, Cash, are Learning at Home Enthusiasts from Madison, Alabama. Their Instagram platform, @Mamasweetbaby, was created to give encouragement and inspiration to other parents that believe that the parent is a child’s first and most important teacher. As a long time local that grew up in the Triana area, Christal shares not only her experience as a homeschooler with others but her love of nature and how to use it as an educational tool.  

christal gamble

Cody Hood

Instagram @ensaneoutdoors

YouTube https://youtube.com/@ensaneoutdoors77

 I'm a 45 year old husband, father, and love being outdoors. I live in Addison, AL, just a few miles from Bankhead National Forest. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and kayaking in Bankhead and the Sipsey Wilderness Area (no biking there). I love getting out and finding the waterfalls in and around Bankhead and Sipsey and love to hear or read about the history of those places. My family and I also love to camp at Cherokee Rock Village. It's such a beautiful place. I'm also a baseball fan (Go Angels) and we try to catch a few Trash Pandas games during the season. Follow along for adventures from all over North Alabama. 

cody hood ambassador 2023

Sarah Kerr

Instagram @sarahlivcreates

TikTok @sarahlivcreates

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Kerr, 21 years old and a senior at the University of North Alabama! Being born and raised in North Alabama, I have been blessed to get to explore this beautiful region! I am set to graduate in Spring 2024 with my bachelors in Digital Marketing. I have always enjoyed photography, videography, writing, and experimenting creatively in my work. Currently, I am working at Florence-Lauderdale Tourism as their Data & Digital Media Manager. I am so grateful for the chance to align my passions in my professional journey, and I look forward to what this new opportunity brings! Follow me on socials to see my latest endeavors!

sarah kerr ambassador 2024

Amy Mayfield and Hector

Instagram @hectortheenglishmastiff

I've lived in Huntsville for more than 44 years and love exploring, and showcasing, the best of North Alabama with a dog-friendly spin. From camping to restaurants to events to breweries and more, we enjoy taking Hector everywhere we can. So many people want to take their dogs places and include them in their everyday life and we're glad we can help them find the fun. Hector is a five year old English Mastiff who loves to spend time with his people. I work from home for the Southeast Region of a national non-profit and time off is something I treasure and make the most of. People are often surprised by some of the offerings we have here and I delight in letting them know that yes we have that and so much more.

amy mayfield ambassador 2024

Victoria McCool

Instagram @blendd.fam.adventures 

Snapchat chevyvicut89

Vero blenddfamadventures

Hey y'all, for those who don't know me, I am Victoria who is 33yrs old, happily married to my best friend of 5yrs Josh! I am a mother to an 11yr old son, an 8yr old son, and a 2yr old daughter!!! I was born, raised, and stil reside in a small community called Sandtown in Tuscaloosa County. As a child I grew up in nature from the time I started walking with my now almost 90yr old grandfather that I carried the passion for nature from. 

In 2021,  I gave up my job to become a stay at home mom with the kids full time and little did I know I would become a traveling mom and sharing nature with them as much as we do....but it's become our way of getting away from electronics and learn more about what nature has to offer us and hopefully one day they will carry on the tradition on as well. Hope to inspire a family to get out and adventure more with their kids in nature more!!! 

victoria mccool ambassador 2024

Katiya McKinney

Instagram @theKultureKat

Meet Katiya Mckinney, a vibrant wife and mother of two young children, who has lived in North Alabama for the past 19 years. Nestled in the heart of family life, Katiya's world revolves around creating cherished memories and fostering a sense of adventure. Her passion for international foods takes her family and friends on a culinary journey around the globe, experimenting with flavors and introducing them to diverse tastes and experiences.

Beyond the foodie obsession, Katiya is an avid traveler who thrives on exploring new cultures. Whether it's strolling through bustling markets in Thailand or immersing herself in local cultural events, she finds joy in the rich tapestry of traditions that the world and our area has to offer. Her enthusiasm for travel extends to the great outdoors, where she and her family embark on frequent escapades to state and national parks.

In the midst of her bustling family life, Katiya balances her marketing career and community service with a zest for exploration. She shares her love and insights of international foods, cultures, travel and family through her Instagram @theKultureKat.

katiya mckinney ambassador 2024

David Parham

Instagram @huntsvilleadventurer

Facebook facebook.com/HuntsvilleAdventurer

Twitter twitter.com/HSVadventurer

Website www.huntsvilleadventurer.com

Bio: I grew up in Birmingham, went to college in Tuscaloosa, and currently live in Huntsville as an engineer. I grew up climbing. I was driven outdoors by finding anywhere I could go climb. Climbing quickly turned me into a camper as we would go climbing for a weekend and needed a place to sleep. Camping turned me into a waterfall hunter as I often needed a place to cool down while camping during summer. Waterfall hunting turned me into a hiker as I learned to enjoy the process of finding waterfalls. When I'm not at home, at work, or at Jiu Jitsu, I love exploring the outdoors with my 2 daughters and wife. We love spending our time exploring North Alabama and seeing all the different views, caves, and waterfalls that it has to offer. 

david parham 2020 ambassador

Chandler Phillips

Instagram @ExploringTheSoutheast

Hey everyone! My name is Chandler Phillips. Growing up in North Alabama I always took for granted the beauty of this area. However, the past few years I have decided to stop taking my hometown of Guntersville and surrounding areas for granted and start showcasing to others what all North Alabama has to offer through my instagram @exploringthesoutheast. My wife Grace and I love spending time outdoors, wether it is a short walk at the lake, or a 12 mile hike in the wilderness! We hope to see you soon out on an adventure! 

chandler phillips ambassador 2024

Robert Posey

Instagram @therobertposey
Tiktok @theposeph

I'm Robert Posey and I'm a photographer, writer, and explorer from Arab, Alabama. I'm not so much an "influencer" as I am just a wildly passionate and enthusiastic person. If I enjoy a particular adventure or food, I tend to make sure everyone knows about it. I enjoy sharing my experiences with other people. When I'm not taking photos of my favorite beautiful Alabama landmarks and attractions I'm usually running, coaching soccer, or dispatching 911 calls. 

I started early with the ambassador program and took 2023 off to work on some other projects including publishing a book on urban exploration in North Alabama, and then worked to complete my first marathon(and my second!) I'd like to bring new stuff to the table as an ambassador this time around. I'll never pass up a good hike or a waterfall but I'd like to highlight a lot of the other things our state has to offer such as our unique runs and another thing that keeps me fascinated, our amazing people! Add me on Instagram, Tiktok, or the slightly more personal Facebook page! 

robert posey ambassador 2024

Laura Smith

Instagram @smithsandsmores 

TikTok @smithsandsmores 

Hi! I’m Laura Smith and I was born and raised in Huntsville. It wasn’t until my husband and I had two adventurous little boys that we realized the beauty surrounding us in this area. We love spending time outdoors and exploring new towns in our camper. Our boys ask all the time if we’re going camping for the weekend! I love sharing our adventures with others in hopes they can have the same fun and memories we are creating along the way! 

laura smith ambassador 2024

Zenovia Stephens

Instagram @blackadventurecrew

Facebook blackadventurecrew

Zenovia is a dynamic force with a passion for bridging the gap between nature, outdoor adventure and underrepresented communities. A proud double alumna of Alabama A&M University, holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Biology, Zenovia's journey has taken her from being a Regulatory Affairs Specialist in the Pharmaceutical Industry to her current roles as a freelance writer and content creator. Not stopping there, she is the driving force behind Black Kids Adventures, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring Black and Brown families to embrace the wonders of nature together.

Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Zenovia, alongside her adventurous husband and three sons, has called Huntsville, AL home since 2008. Their love for exploration knows no bounds – from traversing the diverse landscapes of Alabama to infusing creativity into their home adventures. Zenovia is also a co-founder of Black Hikers Week, a social media movement celebrating and advocating for Black hikers. Her impactful presence on platforms like @blackadventurecrew has garnered attention from national media outlets, including Kelly & Ryan, PBS, and WAFF, showcasing her dedication to encouraging black families to embrace the great outdoors.

bethel springs nature preserve zenovia stephens

Jamie Williams

Instagram @jamie_tyler_photography

TikTok @Jamie_Tyler_photography

Facebook www.facebook.com/jamietylerphotography 

Website www.jamietylerphotography.com 

I am a native of the North Alabama area, I started taking pictures when I was little. My family bought me my first camera and I’m pretty sure I broke them by taking rolls of film to Walmart to have them developed. I am a self taught photographer, I have spent unknown hours watching YouTube videos and putting them into practice. I am a  family man. I have my gorgeous wife Courtney who has been by my side since I was 16 years old. I am a father to 3 little girls, who definitely have their dad wrapped around their fingers. I am a veteran to this great country, I served 8 years in the Alabama National Guard with a deployment to Afghanistan under my belt. I was always told that I could see beauty in everything, through my lens I hope I can share the beauty of the North Alabama area.

jamie williams ambassador 2023

Mason Wohlcke

Instagram @mw_sights

Hello, My name is Mason Wohlcke and I am from Huntsville. Growing up I always enjoyed being outdoors playing and going on adventures. A friend of mine, Nick Farley, sparked my interest for the outdoors once again a couple years back, and since then I have tried to enjoy the outdoors the best I can. Whether that be hiking, camping, or even a mix of the two with back pack camping. I enjoy capturing the beauty of the wonders that can be found all around us, which are sometimes not too far off the beaten path. I share with others in order to highlight the beauty of nature and to motivate others to get out and explore.

mason wohlcke ambassador 2024


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