What is a North Alabama Ambassador?

A North Alabama Ambassador is someone who represents our region well through their photos, videos, and blogs on social media. It's someone who explores, seeks adventure, captures the beauty of north Alabama, and shares it with the rest of us. It's someone who ultimately makes us want to go out and explore for ourselves.

We’re looking for a team of 20 people from all over north Alabama to be our North Alabama Ambassadors. We want to feature your amazing talent, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. As a North Alabama Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • North Alabama swag (t-shirt, cap, etc.)
  • Featured on our website landing page for North Alabama Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms (we’ll tag you on social to introduce you to our followers)
  • Featured on our blog (we’ll share your blog posts if you’re a blogger)
  • You’ll also be able to use the title North Alabama Ambassador on your social accounts and website

Our goal for the North Alabama Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the north Alabama region and are posting their adventures on social media or on a blog. We want to highlight your amazing talent to further promote our 16-county region.


What you’ll be required to do as a North Alabama Ambassador:

  • Fill out the application
  • Live in or near the 16 counties of the north Alabama region (List of counties)
  • Follow us on all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok)
  • Subscribe to our Unexpected Adventures in North Alabama podcast
  • Use the #visitnorthal hashtag on your north Alabama pics
  • Tag us in your north Alabama pics
  • Write blog posts (1-2 posts if you feel comfortable writing)
  • Create content to use on all platforms
  • Need to post regularly about north Alabama (7-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Share our content (at least 2 per week)
  • Share Leave No Trace principles on outdoor posts
  • Help promote our trails
  • Be a guest on a podcast episode
  • Be willing to do some contests on your social media
  • Be willing to take on assignments/covering certain festivals, attractions, restaurants, etc.
  • Assist in getting members for Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association
  • Don’t use profanity, vulgar language, nudity (or partial nudity) in north Alabama pics we are tagged in or that uses the #visitnorthal hashtag
  • List that you're a North Alabama Ambassador in your Instagram profile and tag us
  • Wear your swag when possible

If you’re interested and think you'll have time to dedicate to this program, here’s the next step:

Fill out our North Alabama Ambassador application and tell us why you would like to represent north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. This isn’t English class, so it doesn’t need to be a super long essay. Just tell us why this program interests you in several, thoughtful sentences. We’re not making decisions based on how many followers you have but rather how passionate you are about north Alabama and how well you are already representing our beautiful region.

DEADLINE: January 4, 2022


North Alabama Ambassador Application

* Indicates a required field.


Benjamin Ackerman


As a Charleston, SC native who grew up in a commercial fishing family, simple Southern life, weekends and summers in the saltwater, and immersion in great food and surroundings was always in Ben's blood. Then, after high school, he enlisted in the US Air Force and began to see all that the world had to offer, while staying grounded to his roots of good food and good times shared with friends and family. Ben has spent years throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and all over the US, enjoying great experiences all the way and honing his taste for great experiences, food, beer, bourbon, and cigars.

Now, after 21 years in the Air Force and the beginning of a second career in Huntsville with his wife and kids, he is searching out the best the Tennessee valley has to offer with its burgeoning craft beer and alcohol scene. He is also big into running, kayaking, hiking, and giving back to the community with veteran groups like Team Red, White, and Blue. Bringing in the education of his travel, southern roots, and love for exploring, Ben is here to share his discoveries of the area and his knowledge of his passions.

benjamin ackerman


Lesia Bevis


I love exploring and hiking all over North Alabama. One of my favorite things is chasing waterfalls, but I also enjoy anytime spent outdoors soaking up nature. I have found that to be the best stress relief there is, just leave your worries behind for a while and get out on a trail. I take lots of pictures on all my adventures and share them on my Instagram page so others can see the beauty this state has to offer. It is true what they say, Alabama really is beautiful. Come follow along with me, you never know where I will end up next, or what kinds of hidden treasures I will come across in the woods. Everyone should take time for an adventure in North Alabama, there is so much to see and do.

lesia bevis 2020 ambassador


Sherry Brown


One of the coolest aspects of photography is the growth and constant learning. I started with landscape photography about 5 years ago. As a counselor by profession,  my camera is my self care.  I pick it up, walk into nature and exhale. Everything melts away in that moment of creativity and passion! My greatest love is waterfalls, barns, and anything country! I love exploring the State of Alabama and finding new adventures!

sherry brown


Justin Carter


When you grow up somewhere, sometimes you take it for granted. I knew Alabama was beautiful, but until recently I did not realize just how MANY beautiful locations there are just down the road in Northeast Alabama. My wife gave me drone 2 years ago for Christmas. Since then it has been taking pictures and video non stop of all the amazing landscapes Alabama has to offer. I want to see all of the Canyons, rivers, lakes, mountains, creeks, and Waterfalls. Join my exploration on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @HighTideAerials. Check out my prints at https://hightideaerials.darkroom.tech.

justin carter 2020 ambassador


Jennifer Clark



We are Kyler and Jennifer Clark. We have two daughters and a very spoiled beagle. Six years ago we made the decision that we wanted to change the way we spent time as a family. We began going on adventures and exploring nature. We started with day trips and then discovered our love for camping. Camping allows us to be in some of the most beautiful areas and get the quality time we want with our daughters. Now we frequently go on camping trips as a family and bring along our beagle. We love small towns, campfires, festivals, and Alabama State Parks. 

jennifer clark


Coleman Concierge: Jenn & Ed Coleman





Hi! We are Jenn and Ed Coleman aka Coleman Concierge. In a nutshell, we are a Huntsville-based Gen X couple sharing our stories of amazing adventures through activity-driven transformational and experiential travel.

We advocate for sustainable and ethical tourism and truly believe in the power of travel to transform both ourselves as well as the world around us. Our tagline is amazing adventures for ordinary people because we contend that you don’t have to be super-rich, super-fit, or super-anything to have an amazing adventure. Expanding your comfort zone and trying new things will pay huge dividends in both health and happiness.

coleman concierge


James Deitsch


James Deitsch Photography


James is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and a self taught landscape photographer. He became interested in photography about 8 years ago and has immersed himself in information concerning photography to continue learning and growing as a landscape photographer. James is also a cheer dad of two beautiful daughters and an active member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. I am also a moderator for the Facebook group Alabama the Beautiful. 

james deitsch

Ethan Ford


Southern Wayfaring

Hey y'all! I'm Ethan Ford. I was born and raised in Fort Payne, AL. I have had a lifelong passion for the outdoors. I love exploring and sharing my experiences with others, encouraging people to get out and enjoy Alabama.

ethan ford 2020 ambassador


Christal & Cash Gamble








Christal and her 6 year old son, Cash, are Learning at Home Enthusiasts from Madison, Alabama. Their Instagram platform, @Mamasweetbaby, was created to give encouragement and inspiration to other parents that believe that the parent is a child’s first and most important teacher. As a long time local that grew up in the Triana area, Christal shares not only her experience as a homeschooler with others but her love of nature and how to use it as an educational tool.  

christal gamble


Heather Harkins


Hi, I’m Heather! I live in Huntsville (born and raised), and I try to be outside as much as I can. We have so many beautiful trails right here within the city limits, not to mention all the beautiful places nearby in North Alabama. For as long as I can remember, being outdoors is where I feel most like myself. I have always found joy in the smallest details of nature. I started taking pictures when I was 13, and photography has since become a great passion of mine. My hope is that my pictures will inspire people to get out there and explore the beauty North Alabama has to offer! 

heather harkins


Joe Hendrickson



Hello, I’m Joe Hendrickson. As a North Alabama transplant from Southern California, I have called Huntsville home for almost 30 years. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing in a Global company, I have found a love for sharing all of the amazing sites of North Alabama through my photography. As I am blessed to be able to travel the world with my full time job, it constantly amazes me how much North Alabama has to offer right in our backyard. I enjoy getting up before the sunrise on a Saturday morning and finding a place not far from Huntsville that makes me stop in my tracks and capture the moment. 

joe hendrickson


Mark Hicks




Hi! My name is Mark Hicks. I'm a husband, dad of two boys and a girl. My wife, Jannette, and I love to explore the beautiful state of Alabama. I was born and raised in beautiful northeast Alabama and I reside in Calhoun County. I graduated with a BSB from Faulkner University. I'm a full time photographer, an Army veteran, and a musician. I started my photography endeavor back in 2016, and I really enjoy it. Photography has been an important part of my life. The Hicks family loves camping, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the lovely sounds of waterfalls. I'm a history buff, and nothing excites me more than experiencing a bit of history during our adventures. Alabama is rich in history. We have yet to explore all of Alabama, but it's on our agenda.

mark hicks


Leann Hill


When you’re born and raised in rural Alabama, you spend a lot of time “riding around!” Backroads are your freeways and you become intimately acquainted with all the paths off the beaten ones. My parents inspired my love for the outdoors with frequent camping trips, day road trips, a trip to Yellowstone at the age of 11 and visits to every state and national park in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida over the years.  And, if you were ever told as a kid during summer break to go play outside and don’t come back til suppertime, you either learned to love being outside or you hated summer break! 

Thanks to my parents, I am now a full-grown, tree-hugging, nature-loving Certified Professional Photographer and chairwoman of our county park board, which owns and operates the gorgeous Cherokee Rock Village. I live in the county in which I was born, Cherokee County, and I feel my talents are best used to help promote our natural areas and landscapes in  North Alabama. My hope is that, through photography, we can transform Alabama into the South’s premier destination for outdoor recreation and ecotourism. 

When I’m not outside creating photos, hiking, rock climbing or burning up the backroads,  I’m inside just long enough to retouch photos and plot my next adventure! I’m Leann Hill and I may or may not be a little obsessed with nature! 

Leann Hill Ambassador


Riley & Sunny Holland


Born and raised in Scottsboro, I love all that our little corner of North Alabama has to offer! It can be easy to take for granted the beautiful creation that surrounds us every day. But, I believe you don’t have to go far to “get away”, you just have to go! Me and Sunny (my pandemic pup) love an adventure. Sunny’s personal favorites are meeting new people on a trail, road trips and boat naps. Whether it be a sunrise or sunset, in the woods or on the water, coffee shops or craft shows, old antiques or new adventures, I hope to encourage you to get out and try something new through sharing bits from my journey! 

riley holland


Cody Hood


I'm a 44 year old husband, father, and Dollar General store manager. I live in Addison, AL, just a few miles from Bankhead National Forest. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and kayaking in Bankhead and the Sipsey Wilderness Area (no biking there). I love getting out and finding the waterfalls in and around Bankhead and Sipsey and love to hear or read about the history of those places. My family and I also love to camp at Cherokee Rock Village. It's such a beautiful place. 

cody hood


Jacob Kirk



12 years ago I moved from a small town in Northeast Arkansas to Huntsville, Alabama. My father had just retired from the US Army and my mother was working as the COO for the United Way of Madison County. I graduated from Grissom High School in 2016, and no I never went to the new school, I was one of the last classes to graduate from the old campus. I currently work in the Hospitality Industry as a Sales Manager. I love Animals, Hiking, Photography, Music, and Food. North AL is my home and I love sharing all that it has to offer. I run ForknHSV and NerdyTNVAdventurer. Follow along with my adventures as I share everything that North AL has to offer.

jacob kirk


David Parham



Bio: I grew up in Birmingham, went to college in Tuscaloosa, and currently live in Huntsville as an engineer. I grew up climbing. I was driven outdoors by finding anywhere I could go climb. Climbing quickly turned me into a camper as we would go climbing for a weekend and needed a place to sleep. Camping turned me into a waterfall hunter as I often needed a place to cool down while camping during summer. Waterfall hunting turned me into a hiker as I learned to enjoy the process of finding waterfalls. When I'm not at home, at work, or at Jiu Jitsu, I love exploring the outdoors with my 2 daughters and wife. We love spending our time exploring North Alabama and seeing all the different views, caves, and waterfalls that it has to offer. 

david parham 2020 ambassador


Debbie Snow



My name is Debbie Snow, and I live on a small farm in Blount County, Alabama. I am a dental hygienist, and I enjoy singing, hiking, horseback riding, and photography. Hiking has really given me peace and is a need for my self care. I practice leave no trace and responsible stewardship principles. Being outdoors lets me unplug from the social norms of life and allows me to communicate with God without interruptions.

debbie snow

Trail Therapy: Sarah Stahl & Ashley Colon





Where Females Find Themselves, Outdoors! Hey girl, don’t get lost on the trail, find yourself! Outdoor with us to discover so much more than the destination! #TrailTherapy is about the journey and we welcome you to come along with us!

trail therapy


Anna Usry


I was born in Attalla, and I have lived here all my life. I teach 12th Grade English at my Alma Mater, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I have always known that this area of the state is special, and I’m blessed to live within a few hour’s driving distance of some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the country. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and showcasing our state through my photographs has become a passion. It is an honor to have been chosen a North Alabama Ambassador, and I look forward to sharing my beautiful Alabama home.

anna usry


Ashley Warren



I am a professional photographer, mom to teen boys and wife of 23 years to a former military now civilian pilot. My husband was an eagle scout and is responsible for getting me into the outdoors. I am now more obsessed than he is! Nothing brings me more joy than time in nature, and I love sharing that joy with family and friends. Growing up in the south, I had no idea how many amazing things there were to see and do in Alabama! I am very passionate about getting the word out about the beauty of our state. I love encouraging others to take adventures all while promoting respect and protection for these sacred places. Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity, but I’ll pretty much accept any excuse to get outside! 

ashley warren


Mirandi Reese Watson


Girls Who Hike Alabama

My name is Mirandi Reese Watson and I live in Northeast Alabama with my husband and two sons. I am an Alabama 4-H Foundation Agent for Cherokee County and get to teach our youth about leadership, citizenship, natural resources, agriculture, kayaking, water quality, and many other important things. Our family enjoys hiking and kayaking in our local lakes, rivers, Alabama State Parks, and National Preserves. I feel that it is important to teach our youth about the history, plants, animals, and resources in their own backyards to give them a "sense of place." One day they will be the ones taking care of North Alabama. I am excited to have been chosen as a North Alabama Ambassador, so that I may continue to inspire others to get out there and experience all of the beauty and wonder in our area. My twin sister, Monica, and I are the owners and directors of Girls Who Hike Alabama.  We have a Facebook page & Instagram where we highlight our adventures (and sometimes misadventures) on the trails. We also have a private facebook group where we post guided hiking events, challenges, and much more. You can find us on Facebook under “Girls Who Hike Alabama” or on Instagram @girlswhohikealabama

Mirandi Watson Ambassador

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