Our followers submitted some amazing pics in our 100 Alabama Miles photo contest, and we just had to share them all! Check out our fave ways to get outdoors in north Alabama. (cover photo by Michael Williams with Underboss Photography)


Alabama is known as the land of a 1000 waterfalls, and north Alabama is home to many of them! We've got so many that we created a North Alabama Waterfall Trail. Check out these beautiful pics our followers shared of some of north Alabama's waterfalls.



Kayaking is a fun way to be in nature and get some exercise at the same time, and with all the pretty lakes, streams, and the Tennessee River in north Alabama, you'll be sure to find your fave place to kayak or canoe. Check out our Kayaking Adventure blog post, too!



If hiking is your thing, north Alabama has hundreds of trails that lead to beautiful destinations. Some are easy and some are difficult, but all will allow you to see some of the prettiest scenery.



With eight amazing lakes all over north Alabama, you can bet the fishing is good...and it is! Lake Guntersville is known for its bass fishing, Weiss Lake is known for its crappie fishing, and people from all over the country come to north Alabama just to fish our lakes.


Thanks to all who submitted your pictures of how you're active in north Alabama! We loved seeing them all. For more fun things to see and do, check out our website at www.northalabama.org.