Dogs. What would we do without them? They are loyal companions, and they are always down for an adventure...especially if that adventure is outside! We have put together a list of some of the best places to take your pup in north Alabama, so grab that leash and hit the road, or um, trail!


Bankhead National Forest is a favorite place to go hiking, and it's also a great place to take your dog to get some exercise out in nature. There's also lots of waterfalls and some swimming holes for keeping cool in the hotter months.



Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville is a great place to go and be seen with your pup. Play on the huge lawn, grab a meal from a food truck, and just spend the day chilling.



Blevins Gap is an urban oasis that overlooks south Huntsville. It's part of the Land Trust of North Alabama, and it features 4.5 miles of trails.



Just outside of Tuscumbia is Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve. This gorgeous park features 18 miles of trails, streams, waterfalls, and an overlook that is breathtaking. (It reopens in September 2022) 



DeSoto State Park is a great place to hike and get out into nature. And of course, DeSoto Falls is a must!



Green Mountain Nature Preserve is also part of the Land Trust of North Alabama, and it has waterfalls and streams and it also holds a prehistoric Native American camp as well as Alum Cave, a rock shelter used during the Middle Woodland period. 



Huntsville Botanical Garden hosts several dog days and nights throughout the year, so be sure to check and see when you can bring your pup.



Indian Creek Greenway is a beautiful greenway that meanders north along the creek, bordered by farmland and woods.



Take your pup swimming, kayaking, or hiking at Lake Guntersville State Park.



The Land Trust of North Alabama has 9 preserves all over Huntsville that are perfect for hiking out in nature.



Little River Canyon National Preserve is a great place to see the beauty of north Alabama! Little River Falls makes for an excellent backdrop for pics, too.



Monte Sano State Park has views and trails for days!



The Mural Trail is a favorite spot to get a great pic of your dog.



Point Mallard Park walking trails wind all through the huge park on the river in Decatur.



The Richard Martin Trail in Athens is a great place to take your best bud for a walk.



There's miles of trails at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur.