Barbecue, barbeque, or simply Bar-B-Que, no matter how you spell it, locally owned restaurants across North Alabama know how to serve up the best dishes you've ever had to excite your taste buds. The North Alabama Barbecue Trail is your guide to finding these friendly eateries offering unique, family recipes to slow-cook tender pork, beef, and chicken accented with all the sides. 

Whether you're looking for chopped, pulled, or sliced barbecue, a slab of amazing ribs, or even a hefty baked potato over-stuffed with cubes of savory meat, one way to find our pit masters' locations is to follow the savory aroma drifting over the Appalachian foothills of North Alabama, or the easiest way is to simply get our North Alabama Barbecue Trail brochure to discover your next big food destination.


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