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Delano Park Conservancy

  • Location: : 825 Gordon Drive, Decatur, AL 35602
  • Phone: (256) 350-6836

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    Delano Park welcomes families! Come to Delano Park and experience the beauty of Decatur’s wild emerald jewel nestled in the heart of historic downtown. Step into another world filled with natural beauty and inspiration. The Park is always a place for fun, a place for music, a place for community and celebration--a place to play, to exercise, and share memories with families and friends. Spend special time together as you explore the historic park’s 28 acres of magnificent legacy trees and delightful public gardens. Your children will be enchanted by the gorgeous WPA Rose Garden in which families have photographed their loved ones for generations. Stretch your legs and your imaginations in the magical and accessible Riverwild Playground and Garden for All Children surrounded by world-class sculpture and native plants. Teach your children the names and shapes of Tennessee River fish at the Fish School. Climb on the back of “Mr. Turtle”, stand under the arch of the “Riverwild Heron Gateway”, or be amazed by a fifteen foot high dragonfly. Create your own memories and be a part of Decatur’s unique story.
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