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Bama Bucks

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    When it comes to the wild, Bama Bucks has it covered and is excited to share our constantly growing knowledge with any of our visitors. Our staff member Preston, along with his family, cares for each of the uniquely exotic animals such as Black Bears, Ostrich, Camel, Bison, Emu, upon multiple other creatures cohabitating within our park. In addition to greeting the animals, the park features a large pavilion with a fireplace and seating to accommodate special gatherings. Our family at Bama Bucks is here to host any private parties for an intimate and educational introduction with our beloved animals. With each visit back to our park, you will find that there will always be more to learn. Contact us for rental and reservation inquiries. Please, do not leave our park until you can say you have ridden a bull for 0.8 seconds or maybe even a camel if his pace would be more accommodating. We love, care, and protect our animals as if they were our own family. Therefore, animal rides are open to the public so long as that animal's temperament is cooperative. Schedule a private tour for small or large parties Monday-Wednesday Camel & Bull Rides - $5.00 Also have a General Store, Jack Daniels Barrell Room, Antler Room, Antique Barn, terriic restaurant.