Point Mallard Lazy River
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Posts from April 2018

Wildflowers are springing up like crazy all over the parks in North Alabama. Bright, vibrant flowers not seen in anyone’s garden spot the trails and provide for a beautiful hike. Wild azaleas, violets, irises, geraniums, blackberry blooms, Quaker ladies, mountain honeysuckles, daisies, etc. are blooming like crazy. Here are some of the best places to hike to find these colorful beauties.

Guest Blog by Greg Wingo:
Yep, I was lost. Though I’d been trying to ignore the constant thought running through my head, the inevitable sign that I’d taken a wrong turn on the trail manifested itself in the form of a county road I shouldn’t be seeing in front of me. Scanning my map, I quickly realized my error and doubled back on the same trail I’d just completed. My reward for my mistake was a second opportunity to see the many waterfalls I’d just passed. Around almost every turn in the trail was a different angle of each waterfall, and a new appreciation for why I’d chosen this trail run.