Natural Bridge Park in Winston County features a 148-foot sandstone bridge that towers 60 feet above winding pathways, and it's the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies. It's definitely a majestic sight to see! We recently recorded a podcast episode about Natural Bridge Park, and when we asked our Facebook followers what questions they wanted answered, there was a great list! So here's a blog post all about those questions regarding Natural Bridge Park.


Where is it?

Natural Bridge Park's address is 314 County Road 3500, Haleyville. It's not precisely in the city limits of Haleyville, and it's just off of Alabama Highway 278. It's deep in Bankhead National Forest, so keep in mind cell service might not be the best when you're near and in the park.

What is the Native American history behind the natural bridge?

This natural bridge formation dates back to two million years ago - the Ice Age - and it is known that the Creek Indians lived in the area. They probably used this cave-like formation as shelter from the elements. Don't miss the Indian face that's etched by nature in the large rock!

Is there a waterfall in the park?

Yes! When you hike the approximate 1 mile trail to the back of the park, you'll find a small waterfall that empties into a small creek that meanders through the park. 

How long and strenuous is the trail?

The trail through Natural Bridge park is approximately two miles roundtrip. The hike is probably a moderate hike because of the roots you have to step over and go around. It's not super hard, though. It would be perfect for small children and the elderly who are still pretty active. During the spring, you'll find all kinds of wildflowers, and in the fall you'll see the vibrant fall foliage. Under the natural bridge at Natural Bridge Park is s cave-like bluff that you can walk around in.

Is the park pet-friendly?

Absolutely, as long as your pup is on a leash and you clean up after your pet.

Can you walk on the natural bridge?

No, you cannot walk on the natural bridge due to the possibility of injury. You have to enjoy the bridge from the ground.

Does Natural Bridge Park have a gift shop?

The park also offers a great gift shop that has local, Alabama-made products as well as products from all over the US.

What are the hours and admission?

Natural Bridge Park is open daily from 8am to sunset, seven days a week, year round. Admission is $3.50 per person.

What else can you do at Natural Bridge Park?

The park has a picnic area perfect for bringing a lunch to eat before or after you hike the approximately two-mile trail through the park. 

Want to learn more about Natural Bridge Park?

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