North Alabama is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes but also for its burgeoning art scene, particularly in the realm of mural art. The region has become a canvas for talented artists who use walls as their medium to express creativity, tell stories and contribute to the visual identity of the community. In this blog post, we'll delve into the work of a few of the exceptional mural artists who have left an indelible mark on the North Alabama art scene.

Jessie Andrews: Breathing Life into Walls

Jessie Andrews, a prominent mural artist hailing from North Alabama, has a distinctive style that seamlessly blends realism with a touch of surrealism. Andrews' work often explores themes of nature, identity, and the human experience. One of her notable pieces depicts a luminescent galaxy scene, complete with moons and planets of all different colors – a perfect tribute to the Rocket City. Andrews shares every step of the mural-making process on her Instagram page, @honeyblood.muralco. Her bold colors and captivating designs make her a respected figure in North Alabama's art community.


jessie andrews mural

Jahni Moore: Empowering Communities Through Art

Jahni Moore's murals are more than just visually striking; they serve as powerful statements on community empowerment. Moore, an artist with deep roots in North Alabama, is known for his thought-provoking works that inspire positive change. One of Moore's most vibrant pieces, “In Consideration of This Space That Connects Us” brightens up the walls of a brewery in downtown Huntsville. This mural represents a positive take on what our future could become, in hope of a better world. Moore's dedication to addressing social issues through his art has made him a catalyst for important conversations within the North Alabama community.


space is our place mural black history post

Missy Miles: Celebrating Community

Missy Miles, a mural artist producing work across North Alabama, has made a mark with her murals that celebrate the region's culture and heritage. Miles often infuses her work with a sense of nostalgia and community pride. Miles' commitment to preserving and honoring local history through her art has garnered appreciation from both art enthusiasts and the wider community. When interviewed by Melea during the latest episode of Unexpected Adventures in North Alabama, Miles said about murals, “What I love about my job is that it’s never about me it’s about the community, where that wall lives.” The mural art scene in North Alabama is thriving, thanks to the creative contributions of artists from all points of view and walks of life.


missy miles mural leighton

Adam Stephenson: Honoring Family

Adam Stephenson brings beautiful imagery to North Alabama. As a mural artist, Adam shares his love for vibrant colors and interesting shapes. He shares heartwarming backstories of murals he’s created and talks about his creative process. Grab your paintbrush and listen in!


merchant's alley adam stephenson

These artists have played a crucial role in fostering a sense of community, sparking conversations, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of North Alabama's culture. Looking for more ways to appreciate the arts? Check out our North Alabama Mural Trail!