You asked; we answered. Here's a list of questions our Facebook followers wanted to know about the 14 waterfalls on the North Alabama Waterfall Trail.


"What waterfalls are easily accessible?"

We get this question a lot, so here's a list of the waterfalls that are easy to see if you are not able to walk a lot or are in a wheelchair or on a walker:

Coldwater Falls in Spring Park in Tuscumbia

Coldwater Falls is a man-made waterfall that has a flat, paved walkway that goes in front of this waterfall. Super easy to see up close.

DeSoto Falls in Mentone

The top part of DeSoto Falls is very easy to see, but there is a rocky path to walk to see the bottom part of the falls really well. It's not a hard walk; it's just difficult if you have serious mobility issues.

Grace's High Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve

Grace's High Falls is only visible from an overlook on the Canyon Rim Road in Little River Canyon National Preserve, so all you have to do is get out of your car once you park. This waterfall is only flowing when there's a good deal of rain, so there might be some times when you can't see Grace's High Falls. There's a marker on the Canyon Rim Road that will tell you where the Falls is, too.

Little River Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve

There is a fantastic boardwalk that leads to Little River Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve. It's perfect for people who want to see a gorgeous waterfall but have mobility issues.

Noccalula Falls in Gadsden

Noccalula Falls is super easy to view if you're in a wheelchair, on a walker, or just not able to walk long distances. There's a lot of flat surface for you to walk over to view this majestic waterfall.

Wilson Dam Falls in Florence 

Wilson Dam Falls is at Wilson Dam in Florence, and it features a flat surface that makes this waterfall easy to view.

little river fallsLittle River Falls

"What are some waterfalls that require an easy hike?"

Another popular question we get about the waterfalls is which ones require a short hike that would be good for families with small children or for people who can hike short distances. Here's a list of waterfalls that require a little more work than the previous list but are still relatively easy to get to:

High Falls

High Falls Park is in Geraldine on the northeast side of our region, and it's a beautiful park to spend the day! There is a paved walkway down to the falls, but it is quite steep. There's also a bridge that goes across the falls to some hiking trails in the woods.

Kinlock Falls

Kinlock Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness Area in Bankhead National Forest is approximately 100 yards from the road, so it's not a long hike to get to this waterfall. It's right before you cross the bridge at Hubbard Creek when you are headed north on Kinlock Road. It is in Bankhead, so the terrain might be a little rough, but it's navigable. 

Mardis Mills Falls

Mardis Mills Falls is just outside of Blountsville off of Highway 231. It's at the end of a gravel road, and the waterfall is approximately 100 yards from where you park. The walk isn't far, but it is rocky and steep to get to the waterfall. If you have mobility issues, this is not a good one to visit. 

Turkey Foot Falls

The trail to Turkey Foot Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness Area in Bankhead National Forest is only about a half mile from the parking area near the bridge on Cranal Road. You'll need to follow the road along the canyon until the path splits to go down into the canyon. After getting down into the canyon, continue climbing to the left to see Mize Mills Falls or go right and stay close to the canyon wall to go to Turkey Foot Falls. 

mardis mills fallsMardis Mills Falls

"What are some hikes that are more difficult?"

The waterfalls that require more work to get to are:

Bethel Spring Falls 

Bethel Spring Falls is in Bethel Spring Nature Preserve, which is one of the Landtrust of North Alabama trails just outside of Huntsville. It's an approximate 3 mile loop that is uphill a lot and can be quite strenuous in places. Also, if it has rained prior to your hike, much of the trail will be quite muddy so you'll want to wear shoes that are appropriate. The trail is marked well, and there's two options you can take: one is to go back the way you came or make the entire loop once you reach the waterfall. 

Lacefield Falls

Lacefield Falls is in Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve just outside of Tuscumbia. There's more than 18 miles of hiking trails through this park. Lacefield Falls is close to the entrance, but it's still quite a hike on rough terrain to get to this beauty.

Pisgah Gorge Falls

Pisgah Gorge Falls is located in Pisgah Civitan Park not too far from Scottsboro, and it's about a 1 1/2 mile round trip hike to see this waterfall. In the parking lot, you'll see a gravel path to take that leads to the upper and lower falls. There are two overlooks: one is fairly safe, but the other requires extreme caution, especially if you have small children or dogs with you.

Rainbow Falls 

Rainbow Falls in Dismals Canyon is at the beginning of the hike at Dismals Canyon, so you don't have to go too far to see this waterfall, but you do have to walk down a steep staircase to get down in the canyon. The rest of the hike is pretty strenuous, so we've put this on the more difficult list for that reason. This is also the only waterfall on the list that you have to pay admission to see. You aren't able to see this waterfall without purchasing tickets to hike the Canyon.

bethel springs nature preserve on the land trustBethel Spring Falls

"What waterfalls have bathroom facilities nearby?"

The waterfalls that have bathroom facilities nearby are: DeSoto Falls, High Falls, Little River Falls, Noccalula Falls, and Rainbow Falls.

rainbow fallsRainbow Falls by North Alabama Ambassador Amanda Bridges-Dunn

"What waterfalls have picnic areas?"

Taking a picnic while hiking to see waterfalls is a great idea! Just remember that whatever you pack in, you need to pack out. Do not leave any trash wherever you go. Here are some great places to picnic and see waterfalls: Coldwater Falls, DeSoto Falls, High Falls, Little River Falls, and Pisgah Gorge Falls.

"What waterfalls are good for swimming?"

In summer, these waterfalls are refreshing for a dip: High Falls, Kinlock Falls, Little River Falls, Mardis Mills Falls, and Rainbow Falls.

hippie holeLittle River Canyon by North Alabama Ambassador Amanda Bridges-Dunn

"What are the most visited waterfalls in north Alabama?"

The most visited waterfalls in north Alabama are DeSoto Falls, Little River Falls, and Noccalula Falls.

"What is the highest waterfall in north Alabama?

The highest waterfall in north Alabama is Grace's High Falls at 133 feet.

grace's high fallsGrace's High Falls

For more info on how to get to these beautiful waterfalls, go to our North Alabama Waterfall Trail:

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