North Alabama certainly is not lacking on beautiful places to hike. Check out these amazing locations and the hiking tips we have listed at the bottom of the post. And get out there and explore!

Bankhead National Forest

Bankhead Forest

Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

cane creek canyon

DeSoto State Park

desoto falls

Hurricane Creek Park

{photo by @lattadventures}

hurricane creek park

Lake Guntersville State Park

lake guntersville sp deer

Little River Canyon National Preserve

Little River Falls

Monte Santo State Park

monte sano state park cabin

Noccalula Falls Park

Noccalula Falls behind the falls

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

wheeler wildlife refuge

Helpful tips for hiking in the woods while taking in the breathtaking beauty of North Alabama:

  1. Pack well, but light – A map, compass, water, food, lightweight poncho, hat, first aid kit, knife, flashlight, sunscreen, bug spray…these are good items to take with you as you hike. But remember, whatever you take with you, you will carry the entire time.
  2. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes – Take an extra pair of socks in case you have to wade through water.
  3. Hike smart with a smart phone – There are apps that provide a GPS, flashlight, and bug repellent.
  4. Take a hiking pole – A hiking pole transfers some of your body weight to your arms
  5. Start early – You don’t want to end up out in the woods after dark, especially if you’re inexperienced.
  6. Have a plan – Know where you are and where you are going.