Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, the Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County is a solemn and educational destination dedicated to honoring military service members. Spanning six acres, the park offers a range of activities and displays that provide visitors with a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by veterans. Here's a detailed look at what you can do when you visit this meaningful site.

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Monument Circle

At the heart of the park is Monument Circle, a 100-foot diameter concrete circle featuring several key monuments. Here, you'll find the Honor Wall, a granite wall inscribed with the names of 227 Jackson County service members who lost their lives in combat. The circle also includes monuments dedicated to each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as a POW/MIA monument recognizing those who were prisoners of war or missing in action. In the center of Monument Circle is a unique soil marker containing soil from battlefields around the world, symbolizing the global reach and impact of military service.

veterans memorial park scottsboro

Military Displays

The park boasts an impressive collection of military artifacts and displays. These include a Korean War-era M103 series Army tank, a Cobra helicopter and a Hunter drone. A recently refurbished Huey helicopter is another highlight, showcasing the technological advancements and historical significance of military aviation. These displays offer a tangible connection to the vehicles and equipment used by service members in various conflicts​​.

veterans memorial park scottsboro

Brotherhood Pavilion

The Brotherhood Pavilion provides a shaded area where visitors can rest and reflect. This pavilion features a special dedication plaque recognizing the brotherhood among veterans, and it includes restrooms and a gathering space for community events. It's a place designed for contemplation and camaraderie, reinforcing the park's role as a center for both remembrance and community engagement​​.

Patriots Walkway and Lighted Walkways

The Patriots Walkway is a paved trail that winds through the park, lined with panels honoring 10 Medal of Honor recipients from Alabama. This walkway, along with other lighted walkways throughout the park, creates a serene environment for visitors to explore the grounds at any time of day. The illumination of these paths adds a layer of tranquility and respect to the park, making evening visits particularly poignant​​.

veterans memorial park scottsboro

Events and Ceremonies

The park hosts numerous events and ceremonies throughout the year, which are open to the public and often free of charge. These include Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, which feature wreath-laying and other commemorative activities. These events provide opportunities for the community to come together and honor those who have served, ensuring that their sacrifices are not forgotten​.

For those looking to contribute to the park's ongoing maintenance and development, there are several donation options available. These include purchasing engraved brick pavers for the entrance walkway, donating towards park benches, or contributing to specific monuments. The park recognizes its donors on a granite panel at the entrance, ensuring that their contributions are honored and remembered​.

A visit to the Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County offers a meaningful and educational experience. Whether you are there to honor a loved one, learn more about military history or simply find a place of peace and reflection, the park provides a welcoming environment for all. Its combination of monuments, displays and educational resources make it a significant landmark in Jackson County, dedicated to preserving the legacy of those who have served our country.