"What waterfalls are easily accessible?" We get this question a lot, so we have put together a list of the waterfalls on our North Alabama Waterfall Trail that are easy to see if you have mobility issues. 



Coldwater Falls in Spring Park in Tuscumbia

Coldwater Falls is a man-made waterfall that has a flat, paved walkway that goes in front of this waterfall. Super easy to see up close. There's also a little pond that has a fountain, and at night there's a light show that coordinates with the flow of the fountain. You'll find geese and swans swimming about, and there is a playground area for the littles.

coldwater falls

DeSoto Falls in Mentone

The top part of DeSoto Falls is very easy to see, but there is a rocky path to walk to see the bottom part of the falls really well. It's not a hard walk; it's just difficult if you have serious mobility issues. 

desoto falls

Grace's High Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve

Grace's High Falls is only visible from an overlook on the Canyon Rim Road in Little River Canyon National Preserve, so all you have to do is get out of your car once you park. This waterfall is only flowing when there's a good deal of rain, so there might be some times when you can't see Grace's High Falls. There's a marker on the Canyon Rim Road that will tell you where the Falls is, too.

grace's high falls

Little River Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve

There is a fantastic, easy-to-navigate boardwalk that leads to Little River Falls in Little River Canyon National Preserve. It's perfect for people who want to see a gorgeous waterfall but have mobility issues, such as being in a wheelchair or using a walker or cane.

little river falls boardwalk

little river falls

Noccalula Falls in Gadsden

Noccalula Falls is super easy to view if you're in a wheelchair, on a walker, or just not able to walk long distances. There's a lot of flat surface for you to walk over to view this majestic waterfall.

Noccalula Falls

Wilson Dam Falls in Florence 

Wilson Dam Falls is at Wilson Dam in Florence, and it features a flat surface that makes this waterfall easy to view.

wilson dam falls