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North Alabama Ambassadors

 What is a North Alabama Ambassador?

We’re looking for a team of about 20 people to be our North Alabama Ambassadors. We want to feature your amazing talent, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. As a North Alabama Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • North Alabama swag (t-shirt, cap, etc.)
  • Featured on our website landing page for North Alabama Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms (we’ll tag you on social to introduce you to our followers)
  • Featured on our blog (we’ll share your blog posts if you’re a blogger)
  • You’ll also be able to use the title North Alabama Ambassador on your social accounts and website

Our goal for the North Alabama Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the north Alabama region and are posting their adventures on social media or on a blog. We want to highlight your amazing talent to further promote our 16-county region.


What you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out the application
  • Follow us on social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Use the #visitnorthal hashtag on your north Alabama pics
  • Tag us in your north Alabama pics
  • Need to post regularly about north Alabama (7-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Don’t use profanity, vulgar language, nudity (or partial nudity) in north Alabama pics we are tagged in or that uses the #visitnorthal hashtag
  • Wear your swag when possible


If you’re interested, here’s the next step:

Fill out our North Alabama Ambassador application and tell us why you would like to represent north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. This isn’t English class, so it doesn’t need to be a super long essay. Just tell us why this program interests you in several, thoughtful sentences. We’re not making decisions based on how many followers you have but rather how passionate you are about north Alabama and how well you represent our beautiful region.



North Alabama Ambassador Application

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Pat Yancey

Pat Yancey


I’m a 42-year-old corporate pilot in Birmingham. I live in Walnut Grove, AL. I absolutely love and am Alabama! It’s not only in my heritage, but my heart and soul. In my off time, I’m an avid photographer, hiker, and lover of all things southern. Received my first camera from my parents as a Christmas present when I was 8 years old. I’ve been behind the lens ever since and love every moment of it. I have an Instagram page (@jetyancey) with my life’s happenings, work, family, hobbies, country life, adventures, practical jokes etc. All in good, clean fun. I put my better pictures on an Instagram page under (@earthboundtraveler) that shed light on the true beauty of Alabama’s landscapes, skyscapes, nightscapes, and things that just say “all things Alabama” to me. My daily Snapchat (Patyancey) story shows my life story, in real time - from the farm, to 8 miles above the earth, to adventures I’m constantly chasing.



Ryan Beverly

Ryan Beverly


You can usually find me out and about whenever I can, I try to stick with at least one day a week dedicated to exploring, but most of the time it's more. I'm more of a waterfall hunter but if we're not at one, we're finding or discovering something else that's rich in history to explore, especially around North Alabama, which has many great places and hidden gems. I love finding and discovering new things and places. Always out and about, I love seeing what this beautiful planet has to offer.