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North Alabama Ambassadors

 What is a North Alabama Ambassador?

A North Alabama Ambassador is someone who represents our region well through their photos, videos, and blogs on social media. It's someone who explores, seeks adventure, captures the beauty of north Alabama, and shares it with the rest of us. It's someone who ultimately makes us want to go out and explore for ourselves.

We’re looking for a team of 20 people to be our North Alabama Ambassadors. We want to feature your amazing talent, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. As a North Alabama Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • North Alabama swag (t-shirt, cap, etc.)
  • Featured on our website landing page for North Alabama Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms (we’ll tag you on social to introduce you to our followers)
  • Featured on our blog (we’ll share your blog posts if you’re a blogger)
  • You’ll also be able to use the title North Alabama Ambassador on your social accounts and website

Our goal for the North Alabama Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the north Alabama region and are posting their adventures on social media or on a blog. We want to highlight your amazing talent to further promote our 16-county region.


What you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out the application
  • Follow us on social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Use the #visitnorthal hashtag on your north Alabama pics
  • Tag us in your north Alabama pics
  • Need to post regularly about north Alabama (7-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Don’t use profanity, vulgar language, nudity (or partial nudity) in north Alabama pics we are tagged in or that uses the #visitnorthal hashtag
  • Wear your swag when possible

If you’re interested, here’s the next step:

Fill out our North Alabama Ambassador application and tell us why you would like to represent north Alabama’s outdoors, attractions, festivals, and food. This isn’t English class, so it doesn’t need to be a super long essay. Just tell us why this program interests you in several, thoughtful sentences. We’re not making decisions based on how many followers you have but rather how passionate you are about north Alabama and how well you represent our beautiful region.

North Alabama Ambassador Application

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Pat Yancey

Pat Yancey


I’m a 42-year-old corporate pilot in Birmingham. I live in Walnut Grove, AL. I absolutely love and am Alabama! It’s not only in my heritage, but my heart and soul. In my off time, I’m an avid photographer, hiker, and lover of all things southern. Received my first camera from my parents as a Christmas present when I was 8 years old. I’ve been behind the lens ever since and love every moment of it. I have an Instagram page (@jetyancey) with my life’s happenings, work, family, hobbies, country life, adventures, practical jokes etc. All in good, clean fun. I put my better pictures on an Instagram page under (@earthboundtraveler) that shed light on the true beauty of Alabama’s landscapes, skyscapes, nightscapes, and things that just say “all things Alabama” to me. My daily Snapchat (Patyancey) story shows my life story, in real time - from the farm, to 8 miles above the earth, to adventures I’m constantly chasing.

Ryan Beverly

Ryan Beverly


You can usually find me out and about whenever I can, I try to stick with at least one day a week dedicated to exploring, but most of the time it's more. I'm more of a waterfall hunter but if we're not at one, we're finding or discovering something else that's rich in history to explore, especially around North Alabama, which has many great places and hidden gems. I love finding and discovering new things and places. Always out and about, I love seeing what this beautiful planet has to offer. 

Amanda Dunn Ambassador

Amanda Bridges-Dunn


Hey y’all! I’m Amanda from Birmingham, Alabama. I love adventuring, and I ESPECIALLY love chasing waterfalls with my family and friends. The Sipsey and Bankhead National Forest in North Alabama are among my favorite places to wander. I love encouraging others to get outside and see these phenomenal places! Send me a message if you have questions or need directions. I love meeting new people and I’m always happy to help!

Steve Minor Ambassador

Steve Minor



I'm Steve Minor born and raised in a small town in northwest Alabama. I'm a freelance photographer with a passion for the outdoors. I do enjoy hiking, photography and exploring new places in Alabama. Have been a serious photographer since 2006. Love to shoot nature and landscape the most. Sunsets and waterfalls are some of my personal favorites. Please have a look at my Instagram page @nwbama.


Katie Sawyer Ambassador

Katie Sawyer


I'm from Hayden, AL. I try to be outside as much as possible and I love exploring new places. I don't think a lot of people realize just how many amazing places are right in our backyard! Alabama has so many unique hidden gems, especially in North Alabama. I love to bring that to people's attention, and encourage them to go outside and explore!

Vanessa Bowser Ambassador

Vanessa Bowser


I was born in Florence, Alabama and currently reside in Muscle Shoals. I love everything about Alabama; from the beautiful sunrises on the gulf to the beautiful sunsets on the Singing Tennessee River (and everything in between). Recently retired as a school counselor, I am now able to explore my passion for photography and am excited about the opportunity to share experiences from my southern life with everyone as an Alabama Ambassador! 

Mirandi Watson Ambassador

Mirandi Reese Watson


Twin Trail Tales

My name is Mirandi Reese Watson and I live in Northeast Alabama with my husband and two sons. I am an Alabama 4-H Foundation Agent for Cherokee County and get to teach our youth about leadership, citizenship, natural resources, agriculture, kayaking, water quality, and many other important things. Our family enjoys hiking and kayaking in our local lakes, rivers, Alabama State Parks, and National Preserves. I feel that it is important to teach our youth about the history, plants, animals, and resources in their own backyards to give them a "sense of place." One day they will be the ones taking care of North Alabama. I am excited to have been chosen as a North Alabama Ambassador, so that I may continue to inspire others to get out there and experience all of the beauty and wonder in our area. My twin sister, Monica, and I have a Twin Trail Tales Facebook page and Instagram where we highlight our adventures (and sometimes misadventures) on the trails. You can find us on Facebook under “Twin Trail Tales” or on Instagram @twin_trail_tales.

Leann Hill Ambassador

Leann Hill


When you’re born and raised in rural Alabama, you spend a lot of time “riding around!” Backroads are your freeways and you become intimately acquainted with all the paths off the beaten ones. 

My parents inspired my love for the outdoors with frequent camping trips, day road trips, a trip to Yellowstone at the age of 11 and visits to every state and national park in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida over the years.  And, if you were ever told as a kid during summer break to go play outside and don’t come back til suppertime, you either learned to love being outside or you hated summer break!

Thanks to my parents, I am now a full-grown, tree-hugging, nature-loving Certified Professional Photographer and chairwoman of our county park board, which owns and operates the gorgeous Cherokee Rock Village. I live in the county in which I was born, Cherokee County, and I feel my talents are best used to help promote our natural areas and landscapes in  North Alabama. My hope is that, through photography, we can transform Alabama into the South’s premier destination for outdoor recreation and ecotourism.

When I’m not outside creating photos, hiking, rock climbing or burning up the backroads,  I’m inside just long enough to retouch photos and plot my next adventure! I’m Leann Hill and I may or may not be a little obsessed with nature! 

Hannah Sumner Ambassador

Hannah Sumner


I'm a photographer/nurse/mom of 5 fabulous kiddos living in North Alabama. Born in Gadsden, moved around a bit and ended up in the northwest corner of the state for the past 12 years. I really started exploring all north Alabama has to offer a couple of years ago. I still have so much to see. We have such an incredibly diverse area of the state. Waterfalls are my favorite but there are also caves, canyons, dirt roads, wide open fields, quiet little streams, the beautiful Tennessee River, and so much more. My adventures happen in spurts, working mom of 5 life is a little chaotic but we get out and about every chance we get. Life is crazy. Get outside and explore when you can. So thankful to be a part of this crew that attempts to show you all the beauty the state has to offer. Look here for proof that adventure is close to wherever you live in North Alabama; you just have be willing to explore and find it.

Connor Paton Ambassador

Connor Paton


Hey I’m Connor and I recently move to Alabama from Atlanta this past summer. It’s been great to explore all the new (to me) trails in north Alabama and I love getting outdoors whenever possible. I currently live in Birmingham with my wife, Emerson. 

Whitney Andrews Ambassador

Whitney Andrews


Whitney and Jonathan live, work, and play in Huntsville, AL. They love to travel and visit cities all over the world, but firmly believe there’s no place like home in North Alabama.

Lesia Bevis Ambassador

Lesia Bevis


I love exploring and hiking all over North Alabama. One of my favorite things is chasing waterfalls, but I also enjoy anytime spent outdoors soaking up nature. I have found that to be the best stress relief there is..just leave your worries behind for a while and get out on a trail. I take lots of pictures on all my adventures and share them on my Instagram page so others can see the beauty this state has to offer. It is true what they say, Alabama really is beautiful. Come follow along with me, you never know where I will end up next, or what kinds of hidden treasures I will come across in the woods. Everyone should take time for an adventure in North Alabama, there is so much to see and do.

Cody Hood Ambassador

Cody Hood


I'm a 41 year old occupational therapist assistant, husband, and father. I live in Addison, AL, just a few miles from Bankhead National Forest. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and kayaking in Bankhead and the Sipsey Wilderness Area (no biking there). I love getting out and finding the waterfalls in and around Bankhead and Sipsey and love to hear or read about the history of those places. To stand in the woods and just listen to the sounds of the outdoors is just something I can't explain.

I've just, in the last 2 years or so, began to explore other areas in this beautiful state. Over the summer I competed in The Alabama Beta Challenge. It was an outdoor, team based competition where you earned points for doing outdoor challenges. I was able to revisit a few places and explore some new places a too. We camped at Cherokee Rock Village and I fell in love with that area. 

I'm a firm believer on getting kids outdoors and think we should teach them to respect our wild places. I actually run a Facebook group for people in my town to encourage them to get outdoors. I lead hikes hoping to get kids and their families out to see how beautiful and special our area is. 

Robert Posey Ambassador

Robert Posey


I am a video and photography nerd who was born and raised in the woods. I believe the best things in life are found on the other side of briar patches. I spend my free time wading through those briars in search of a photo, a swim hole, or a geocache. During my not-so-free time I answer and dispatch 911 calls for Marshall County. I also love walking around aimlessly in the city. My family and I spend way more time than we should going to Huntsville with no game plan whatsoever... with some luck we usually find ourselves at a food truck rally, tossing axes in a school converted to a brewery, or at a scenic overlook. You will probably never bump into us at a movie theater or a restaurant with more than four locations. Give me your most secluded waterfalls, your  most hidden gems, and your weirdest deep-fried foods Alabama. I’m ready!

Mary Posey Ambassador

Mary Posey


I've been behind a camera since I was a kid in high school with a half-functioning dark room in my closet. I never did get that final piece - the enlarger. Sigh. Oh film, you are much more fun to romanticize after the fact. I've spent the majority of my life here in north Alabama and it simply demands to be photographed. Country roads to cityscapes, we truly have it all. The husband and I have always been wanderers. It's just what we do. And what a beautiful place to have the privilege of doing such. Familiar ground changes so quickly from year to year, season to season. I'm having a blast documenting things as they develop! 

Jacob Blankenship Ambassador

Jacob Blankenship


I’m working as a Social Media Content Producer for Bham Now located in Birmingham. I am currently enrolled at University of Alabama in Birmingham majoring in marketing with a concentration in digital marketing. My Instagram handle is @uabjacob that has my life’s moments. I’ve been doing photography close to a full year now, and still learning all about the photography world. I enjoy hiking, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors. I seek adventures and exploring new places is kinda my thing. Just capturing all the moments around me is what I live for. 

Sam Calhoun Ambassador

Sam Calhoun


I'm a lifelong lover of maps, the keys to adventure! Geospatial Analyst by trade, in my free time I spend a lot of time pouring over old topographical maps in search of unknown or little known spots to explore. I'm passionate about finding waterfalls, but the richness of North Alabama's history, it's diversity of flora and fauna make it an absolute wonderland in all seasons; I'm eager for whatever comes my way. I never leave the house without a camera, or a notepad. I've been writing poetry since age 9, and keep a WordPress blog (weathermansam) for my “adventure journals” and photo galleries. In addition to that, I have a vlog on Youtube (weathermansam) updated weekly, but my Instagram page (weatherman_sam) is where you'll finding me the most, updating every day with pictures of this wonderful natural world we get to call home.

Kody Pemberton Ambassador

Kody Pemberton

If you are ever looking for me, chances are you will find me drinking coffee in the woods on another one of my adventures. After my active duty time in the Marine Corps came to an end and I came back to Alabama, I have wanted to do nothing but explore more. Alabama offers so many beautiful places that most don't even know are here. My hobby is capturing these beautiful places and sharing on social media for others to see and hopefully encourage more people to get outside and see first hand this amazing world.

katelyn and gary henderson ambassadors

Katelyn & Gary Henderson


He is Gary. She is Katelyn. Together they are adventurers in training...kinda.

We have been in Huntsville for roughly 7 years and we absolutely love the Rocket City. Our children, Carson and Lilly, love the outdoors and exploring. Our family motto is "Secondary Adventure" since we are always looking for curious and unusual activities. We strive to push ourselves outside of our own comfort zone, so that our children will have a completely different world view. We are creating family memories and unique experiences day by day. Follow our messy, unruly, and sometimes inspiring journey at @SecondaryAdventures! Stop by and say hello!

Coty Alred Ambassador

Coty Alred


Seven years ago I was just a ski bum in Colorado, where my love for adventure grew. So when starting a family we chose to lay our heads to rest in Moulton, AL in the foothills of the Bankhead National Forest. I enjoy seeking out historical and forgotten pieces of our past. My better half takes us on searches for waterfalls, and my little one is always looking forward to festivals, music, and bouncy houses. We enjoy doing things as a family to show other families how easy it can be to get outside and find their own adventure. Follow along on ig @alred_chronicles or stalk me on fb @coty.alred for good vibes.

Wesley Thomas Ambassador

Wesley Thomas


I grew up in Huntsville after my dad retired here from the Air Force.  I love living in North Alabama.  The people here are fantastic and the natural beauty that surrounds us is wonderful. 

Being in the outdoors has always been a part of my life, but it wasn't until I got into photography that I really started exploring North Alabama in earnest.  Seeing beautiful images of our state online inspired me to go and visit these places for myself.  During the last 14 years I've visited dozens of waterfalls, creeks and streams.  I've been in canyons, on mountains and deep in forests.  I've witnessed indescribably beautiful sunrises and sunsets, walked along foggy paths and learned to appreciate the beauty of our the many city and state parks we have in the region.

The best part of all of this is that it's all only a short drive away from my front door.  I'm proud to live here in North Alabama and I'm proud to be an ambassador that shares this beautiful place with the world.