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Robin Wade Furniture

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    Robin Wade Furniture is a celebration of nature. A melding of a forward thinking commitment to the environment and a quiet, harmonious design aesthetic.

    From his "slow studio" in North Alabama, award winning artist, Robin Wade and his small team design and craft one of a kind works of art.

    Robin balances the raw natural beauty of environmentally sourced local hardwoods with minimally invasive, modern lines.

    Years before the piece is ready to enter the client's home or gallery, the process begins, naturally,with the tree. Sustainably harvested, these hardwoods are flitch sawn into natural edge lumber, debarked by hand with a draw knife, and stacked to dry - usually for years before the final cure in the kiln. From here, Robin and his team use both hand and power tools for crafting, then complete the process with a hand rubbed oil blend.

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