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Huntsville Amphitheater

  • Location: : 228 Holmes Ave, 12th Floor, Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Phone: (352) 871-2358

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    Sixty years ago, Huntsville helped put a man on the moon. Today, we’re creating a world-class destination venue to serve not only Huntsville but the entire Southeast. We met up with the team and people of Huntsville to find out what it means to them as vision becomes reality. The outdoor space will hold 8,000 people and will be used year-round for both concerts and community events. They have plans to include farmer's markets, art displays, theater performances, and meeting spaces for large-scale gatherings. They will have different themed food and drink areas to satisfy everyone from wine and whiskey drinkers to beer and hard seltzer connoisseurs. The area outside of the venue will be known as Apollo Park. This public park will be open year-round for people to exercise and roam freely. Only when there are specific ticketed events will the entire campus be enclosed - otherwise patrons are encouraged to utilize the grounds for their enjoyment throughout the year.