Sacred Way Sanctuary

Sacred Way Sanctuary’s Interpretive Center and Museum offers a journey through the history of the horse in the Americas and its relationship with the Native Peoples. Our Interpretive Center has been designed in conjunction with our Governing Council of Traditional Knowledge Bearers and Scholars in order to provide a more up-to-date, complete, and accurate history, and to ensure that all items are cared for in a sacred manner and respectfully displayed.

Our Governing Council of Traditional Native Elders and Scholars from the United States and Canada ensure the information we present, our Interpretive Center, and horse husbandry techniques are all culturally, historically, and spiritually accurate and in line with traditional protocols.​

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We are a research, education, and preservation facility that is home to a foundation herd of more than 100 Indigenous Native American horses. The origin of these horses can be traced to Native Peoples across North America.

Our Mission is to educate the world regarding the true history of the horse in the Americas and its relationship with the Indigenous Peoples. This historical reconstruction has been compiled by combining Traditional Knowledge from a number of Native Nations with cutting edge academic research.

We advocate for the preservation of the very rare Indigenous horse of the Americas, and facilitate its return to our Native communities.